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Dr. Mercurio is able to provide technical and agronomical assistance in all the countries of the world where the Gerbera is grown. His education (a Degree in Agronomical Science), the experience gained with the SCROP Flora company, his relationship with the Scheurs Holland B.V. Company and his journeys to the major countries in the world like Holland, France, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Columbia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Japan, China, South Korea and India, have provided experience and a profound knowledge of the plant. His frequent and continuous journeys to the world of flowers in Holland, that began in 1992, together with the continuous contacts with the Schreurs’ technicians have enriched his knowledge with the most important and advanced cultivation techniques especially in the soil-less sector.

In detail, he provides consulting for:

The planning of the structure of greenhouses suitable for a long term cultivation of plants;

Studies about the planning and practicability of installations such as:

- External and internal shading installation;
- Lateral and aerial openings;
- Fog installation and/or nebulizer;
- Fertigation installation;
- Heating system;
- Installation for the destratification of air;
- Plant supporting installation (in soil-less cultivation);
- CO2 installation;
- Installation of water storage for irrigation,
- The storage of cut stems in water and in refrigerator.

Fertilization plan for soil based or soil-less cultivation;

Quality of the company’s water and nutritive elements;

Soil based cultivation (soil preparation, organic and mineral fertilization of base, fertilization during cultivation, volumes and frequency of irrigation and fertilization);

Soil-less cultivation (choice of substrata, chemical and physical characteristic of growing medium, systems and techniques of soil-less cultivation);

Identification of major diseases and physiopathologies;

Traditional defence plans against all diseases of the plant;

Biological control and integrated pest management;

Harvest, packaging and transportation advice;

Advice on issues regarding the post-harvest phase;

Technical reports;

Fertilization plans and general advice on Rose soil based and soil-less cultivation;